Winter chills got you wanting your Skratch served up hot? We’ve got some mixology and product info for how to make your Skratch work for you year-round, no matter the weather!

Skratch Recovery Mix

Put away the Swissmiss, and the coffee creamers laden with preservatives and artificial flavors, and reward your workouts with our Recovery Mix served hot! See the recipes below and add hot water to the serving size you are using. 2 scoops – 12 ounces of hot water, 4 scoops – 24 ounces of hot water.

The probiotic we use is in the Bacillus class, which means it’s a beneficial spore bacteria important to a healthy gut and microbiome. Because it is a spore it is highly resistant to temperature, UV radiation, and most importantly to stomach acid, giving it survivability that is about 100x’s greater than the probiotics found in yogurt.

Combos to Try:

Hot Cocoa: Chocolate Recovery

Vanilla + Cinnamon Latte: 1/2 Horchata Recovery + 1/2 Coffee Recovery

Mocha: 1/2 Coffee Recovery + 1/2 Chocolate Recovery

B & W: 1/2 Chocolate Recovery + Horchata Recovery

Other ways to get creative:

Mix a scoop into your coffee as a creamer alternative

Skratch Eggnog

Combine the Horchata with the Sport Hydration Apple Cider for some apple pie vibes

For an adult bevvie, add some Baileys to your hot Chocolate Recovery

SRM_Chocolate_Front (1).jpg

Skratch Sport Hydration

All of our Sport Hydration mixes can be served hot. Our two favorites served warm are the Apple Cider mix, and the Matcha-Lemon.

Mix as instructed on the bag but use hot water instead of cold.

Other ways to get creative with our Sport Hydration:

Spiked Apple Cider

Mix a scoop into plain oatmeal to add some flavor and electrolytes

SHD20 Matcha-Lemon (1).jpg

Skratch Wellness Hydration

Skratch Wellness Hydration is specifically formulated for children and adults who are dehydrated due to illness. It is also great for hangovers, preloading, and giving your immune system a quick boost (thanks to the zinc!).

The Wellness meets the World Health Organization’s standard for an oral rehydration solution. It knocks the others out of the park because it is free of preservatives, additives, and dyes.

When you are needing a wellness boost in colder seasons just mix this with hot water. Get creative and add some honey, fresh lemon, or add to herbal tea.

Other ways to get creative with Wellness:

Immune Boost Smoothie

Citrus Honey Love Muddle