“Since she won gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Gwen Jorgensen has captivated fans of running—in part because during that golden performance, she pulled away throughout the run segment of the event and had the fastest split of the day for the 10K.

In 2017, Jorgensen announced she was giving up the “comfort” of triathlon dominance to pursue a bold new goal: Win an Olympic gold medal in the marathon. Her announcement came just months after giving birth to her son, Stanley.

Jorgensen has husband and chef (and former pro cyclist) Patrick Lemieux by her side and they work seamlessly as a team. One of his top priorities? Helping his wife fuel her training, especially during the nine months she spent breastfeeding and listening to her body, as she worked herself back into shape. “Gwen is a relatable and accessible working mom who is continuing to inspire on her new journey with her family’s support every step of the way,” he says.”

Photo thanks to Delly Carr

Skratch Labs’ founder, Dr. Allen Lim, coach to some of the world’s top endurance athletes, has been working with Gwen over the past year to help her understand the complexities of fueling and strength. Allen’s coaching finesse involves pushing the body to extreme lengths while also making it as fun and full of joy as possible.

As Dr. Lim says, he is “helping extraordinary people with ordinary things in life that make a difference in performance.

We love working with Gwen because by switching from triathlon to marathon she is now an underdog; as a small private company we see ourselves as an underdog. When we find athletes who are busting their butts and starting from scratch, it resonates with us.”

The video gives you a peek into the details of how Gwen and Dr. Lim have built  their relationship, what Skratch Labs has been doing to help Gwen, and what Dr. Lim has learned from working closely with an elite athlete like Gwen.  They looked at what Gwen’s problem set was and what issues needed to be solved. Watch as Allen learns about the struggles to eat while running and it how it inspired a new idea and a custom nutrition formula for Gwen. Check out the video to learn more about fueling Gwen’s goals, ideas to possibly help in fueling your adventures, and a bit more about us!